The Gospel Unmasked

I’ve spent a lot of time on this site showing how some current prominent Christian leaders are masking the Gospel and disguising its clarity and its true message.

In this section I would like to present the unmasked and true Gospel, in all its fullness and clarity as it has been understood and taught throughout the centuries by the great leaders of the Christian faith.  

And I thought what better way to do so than to simply present some of the great documents of the Christian faith – outside of the Bible.  Some may say, ‘well, all you need is the Bible’, and while the Bible is the foundation of everything I post here and certainly the foundation of these documents, these documents help organize, explain and systematize Biblical teachings in ways that make them more digestible.  

Some of these documents may be considered difficult but if you have a genuine desire to make a serious inquiry into Christianity – these explain the basics of the Christian religion in the most concise way possible.  And if you are a Christian and would like a deeper understanding of our faith, these are very helpful in pursuit that as well.